By 2016, as much as 90% of Internet traffic will involve video. By analysing video Marketing Trends for 2015, we have developed our ten commandments to ensuring you get it right.

Keep the Message Short – Consumers won’t have tolerance for long videos, promotional videos and advertisements.

Video SEO Matters – Content marketing, especially with video, will become increasingly valuable for SEO.

Interactive Videos – This includes games, surveys, and clickable social buttons, which will become the norm – Design and commerce will combine through new interactive video capabilities, such as customisable storylines and video shopping.

Humanising Brands – Video will become the best and easiest way to humanise businesses, whilst creating stronger relationships with their audiences.

Website Videos – More companies will use homepage videos. These will increase conversion rates by 20% or more. Web chat usage will rise. This is a low-cost way of initiating the customer experience from a website.

How-to Videos and Tutorials – The best selling tool for business will be educating target audiences through video. 70% of beauty purchaser will view how-to tutorials and product visualisation videos on YouTube to influence what they buy.

Casual Business – Company videos will begin to target a wider audience with humour and easy-to-digest information, and will succeed over more formal videos.

Facebook vs. YouTube – The two social media kings will go head to head with Facebook receiving more than a billion video views on average every day and YouTubers uploading 1000 hours of content every day.. Choose your battle-ground and stick to it. Who comes out on top remains to be seen but in the meantime, spreading yourself too thinly will confuse your consumer.

Mobile Video Ads – A third of web traffic now comes from smartphones and tablets. Online videos will need to be created now with mobile devices in mind.

Sharing of Personal Videos – Consumers will increasingly create videos to relay news, and keep in touch with friends and family. More than half of video creators will record videos solely to share on media platforms. Tap into this with authentic content.