Project Description


As part of The British Style Collective 2017 in association with Alcatel, fashion students from across the UK were invited to explore a series of entertaining and educational installations. For one such installation, JAM Creative Consultancy was asked to create a film based on the idea that fashion and technology has always gone hand-in-hand. Thus, we created AFI (Artificial Fashion Intelligence) an updated version of the much-loved digital satirist form the 80’s, Max Headroom. Complete with quirks, glitches and a wacky sense of human, AFI engaged countless audiences of millennials and proved to be a huge hit, receiving overwhelming positive reviews from surveyed visitors.

We planned and scripted the film in collaboration with the Haymarket Exhibitions creative department. On the filming day, we placed the talent in front of a green screen and then using post-production techniques developed in-house at JAM Creative Consultancy delivered the finished film.